Exploring the Heart of Southern BBQ: A Peek into Orleans Smokehouse, Solihull

If you're a BBQ lover, then you know there's nothing like Southern-style BBQ and Orleans Smokehouse in Solihull is living up to these expectations. We’re about celebrating Big, Bold, Smoky BBQ flavours and our success is because of an unwavering enthusiasm and passion for food. Want to know more about the beating heart of Southern BBQ cuisine in the UK? Take a peek into Orleans Smokehouse and discover what keeps customers coming back for more!

The Smokers at Orleans Smokehouse

Orleans Smokehouse believes that to achieve the perfect smoky flavour in their BBQ, the smokers used should be state-of-the-art American style. They're located inside the restaurant and smoulder away through the night, regulating the air temperature between 107-109˚c, producing the smoky flavours that we love. We source the best Hickory, Mesquite, and Oak wood, which also adds its distinct flavour to the meat. The 'low and slow' cooking is the key to having food that's tender, juicy, and bursting with taste.

What Can You Expect from Orleans Smokehouse's Menu?

The Southern-style menu at Orleans Smokehouse is extensive and varied. You can choose from the likes of mouth-watering ribs, briskets, burgers, and pulled meats, and more. The portions are ample, and the spice rubs and sauces used are unique to us.

Apart from the meaty mains, we also serve smaller dishes which are perfect to kick off your meal. You can also indulge your sweet tooth by ordering a dessert from our menu, while the kids will have a great time at the self-serve Frozen Custard machine. 

The Lagniappe Factor

Orleans Smokehouse's connection with the Deep South goes beyond the food we serve. The staff believe in sharing a little extra 'lagniappe.' The word, pronounced as 'lan-yap,' means to give that little extra to every guest. They always go the extra mile to make your visit special. Who knows, you might get an extra portion of sides or a dessert when you least expect it...

The Spirit of New Orleans

Visiting Orleans Smokehouse means that you're immersing yourself in the spirit of New Orleans, Louisiana, or NOLA as it's commonly known. We believe that good food and great company go hand-in-hand, and therefore our core values are centred around bringing families and friends together. The friendly ambiance, upbeat music, and the warm Southern hospitality make you feel like you're in the heart of New Orleans.

More than a BBQ joint

Orleans Smokehouse is more than another restaurant: it's a celebration of Southern culture, good food, and bringing people together. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our Pitmasters’ delicious, smoky, and perfectly cooked meat. Our generous, friendly service, and the 'lagniappe' culture make us unique, so if you're craving Southern-style BBQ or just want a place to unwind and relax with your loved ones, then head over to Orleans Smokehouse and see why it is the perfect place to experience the heart of Southern BBQ culture, right here in the UK.