Welcome to a new chapter for Orleans Smokehouse

Here at Orleans Smokehouse we pay homage to the spirit of New Orleans, Louisiana - or NOLA, as the locals call it – full of positivity and energy. And just like the Southern States, we’re big on families and bringing people together.

Plus – of course - we love BBQ. Our roots tie back to 1986 when we opened our first Old Orleans restaurant and we’re now proud to bring you ‘Orleans Smokehouse’ - where we continue our celebration of big, bold, smoky BBQ flavours.

Pitmasters, Smoke and Southern Magic

To create our rich smoky flavours, we use American smokers that smoulder away through the night keeping a regulated air temperature between a steady 107˚c and 109˚c over a carefully curated combination of Hickory, Mesquite and Oak wood. Or as we like to say ‘low ‘n’ slow’.

Taking our inspiration from the Deep South, it goes without saying our portions are generous, but it’s our generosity of spirit that sets us apart. We love sharing a little extra here and there - there’s a NOLA expression for that - lagniappe (pronounced ‘lan-yap’) and we could explain more but… well, you’ll understand when you visit.

We’re pretty passionate about our food and bringing people together. So come and experience the spirit of NOLA and let the good times roll.

Just be sure to bring a healthy appetite...